About Us

We are people who are passionate about giving the correct understanding of Islam to the people in Japan. Through readable material, videos, lectures and constructed courses we hope to achieve the goal of answering the peoples thirst to understanding Islam.

The word IslamGaku is very simple, in Japanese “gaku” means “the study of”. So hence IslamGaku means the study of Islam, which can be studied and learn’t by all people.

The icon depicting the crescent moon and clouds is an IslamGaku symbol to show that by clearing the clouds you can see the beauty of the moon hence the analogy to clear the misconceptions of Islam to seeing the true beauty of what it is.

The Goal


As mentioned above we would like to inform people about Islam in public and private settings. Through dialogue, pamphlets, videos and social media.


To give interactive lecture style seminars in a fixed setting for anyone who is interested in a particular subject in Islam depending on the lecture theme.


The final vision is to give structured courses in specific subjects in Islam and languages as well as a long awaited New Muslim Course.

Don't Be Shy

If you have any questions about Islam or would like to receive Islamic content. Also if you wish to meet a Muslim then contact us! Contact Us

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