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Raised: ¥67,000

  Target:  ¥5,000,000

The Challenge

The challenge of Islam in Japan in light of recent world events is that the Japanese people want to know about Islam and don’t know where to get reliable sources of information from. Japanese are reserved and good natured people and are nervous to approach mosques and since online content and seminars are scarce, the people will lose the chance to understand Islam.

The Solution

The solution is to create a recognizable trust worthy Islamic brand that can create good professional online content as well as printed content. To inform the people publicly and privately. To have seminars and eventually courses in Islam. There are random lectures and printed content out there but the goal of IslamGaku is to be professional, consistent and to join the other Muslim communities together for this vision.

The Help

For this help is required, it costs money to run this Project. We need to pay for translations, designers, video editing, printing, free gifts, pay teachers, etc. With a volunteer basis things move really slow. However, with financial backing we can accelerate very fast and get the message of Islam to the people. Eventually in the future we can have full time staff.

Bank Donation

Bank: Japan Post Bank
Branch: 018
Account Type: Futsuu
Account Number: 7868023
Account Name: イスラームガク

Directly from Japan Post Bank
Code: 10140
Account Number: 78680231

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