Are You Happy?

Most of us just want to be happy – even when sometimes we can’t pinpoint exactly what that ‘happiness’ is.We want to be content, live in ease, enjoy the company of our friends and family, and not be bogged down with the stresses and strains of daily living. This is why if you were to ask the average person why they want to get a good job, they would probably reply, ‘to earn enough to live comfortably’. If you questioned…

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Are You Grateful?

There is something precious in your life that you do not earn and do not own, yet it is freely given to you. It’s something we all take for granted, not recognising its importance or significance. That thing is, this moment, and the next moment, and all of the moments of your existence. There are no good reasons to believe that you own these moments. You did not create the world and the life that it contains…

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What's Your Goal?

Imagine you went to a football game and you saw there is no goal posts on the pitch. Would there be any point in playing a game in which there is no goals? In the same way it is meaningless to live life without a Goal!…

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Game Over?

To the average person death is by no means a pleasant subject or topic for discussion. It is something dismal and oppressive a veritable kill-joy, a topic fit for a funeral house only. The average person, immersed as they are is in the self, ever seeking after the pleasurable, ever pursuing that which excites and gratifies the senses, refuses to pause and ponder seriously that these very objects of pleasure and gratification will someday reach their end…

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